Progresso Light Soups – Weight Watcher 0 Points

When you are running low on time and need a quick lunch or snack, a hearty heat-and-eat soup can really hit the spot. Progresso recently launched 5 ‘Light’ soups with a Weight Watcher’s 0 points value per serving: Italian-style vegetable, Vegetable & Noodle, Homestyle Vegetable & Rice, Savory Vegetable Barley, and Southwestern-style Vegetable.

I picked up a couple cans yesterday and heated one up for lunch today. As you’ve noticed from the titles … vegetables are the star ingredients here. If you’re expecting a little bit of meat for 0 points, then you’ll have to look elsewhere. It’s important to note the serving size and actual nutritional values. A single can is actually 2 servings.

Each single serving (1 cup = 60 calories, 4gm fiber, 0 fat) is 0 points, however you can’t assume to eat the whole can for 0 points. When you double the serving size and calculate based on Weight Watcher’s system, the full can is 2 points. So, be careful when something says it’s 0 points, you can’t assume it’s a free food that you can eat in mass quantity :-)

I’m sipping on the Southwestern-style vegetable soup right now — it’s actually satisfying for a canned soup. The broth has a bit of tomato in it and is filled with carrot, celery, beans, and corn. It’s much spicier than I would have expected, but find that it’s a nice, soothing warmth. I tend to find spicy foods more satisfying when I’m cutting back on fat-filled foods.

Overall, the soup is a nice change of pace from my typical lunch. And yes, I’m eating all 2 points of it!

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  • Danny McKinney March 19, 2009, 1:23 pm

    I just started having the Progresso Light Soup for Lunch and its really good. I made a great choice to stay on a diet. The best way to live in an eternal everlasting life.

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