February 2008

Sweet polenta cake with caramelized apples & almonds

I am a horrible sucker for cheap cookbooks -- they lure me in with their big colorful photos and promise of a few good recipes. The books are not written by any particular expert, merely 'edited [...]

My fish finale: chinese-style steamed fish

Tonight was the final night of dining on our Kampachi. I felt inspired by Chinese-style steamed fish dishes and wanted to try my best to replicate the technique. Just last weekend, we had a steamed Rock [...]

Kampachi sampler trio: nigiri, spicy roll, and ceviche

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I received a Kona Kampachi to review and I'm doing my best to try it as many ways as possible. Tonight's dinner took advantage of the fish's freshness and [...]

How to filet a fish without passing out

I was contacted recently to try the Kona Kampachi from Kona-Blue. The fish is sushi grade and known for high omega-3 levels and being free of detectable mercury. It's served at Morimoto's restaurant, so I felt [...]

I want to feel sexy …

I am the lonely celeriac, also known as celery root. I sit on the produce shelves waiting for someone to take me home. Day after day I am overlooked. I hear the whispers and rude comments [...]

Not a single nook or cranny!

Do you know what these delightful dough pillows are supposed to be? They are an early morning attempt at making my very own english muffins. I felt inspired after seeing Foodbeam's beautiful muffins, but I didn't [...]

Orange Sour Cream Cake w/Orange Icing

My favorite use of oranges so far -- a rich and moist orange cake drizzled with a sweet orange icing. It was the perfect end to our dinner party last night. I've used this recipe to [...]


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