April 2008

Bay Area Organic Produce Delivery!

Today, I received my first delivery from Farm Fresh To You (FFTY). FFTY is a local organic family farm delivering fruits and vegetables direct to your door. For $29 (which includes delivery), I signed up for [...]

Braised Pork Chops & Granny Smith Apples

I rummaged around in my freezer to see what sort of meat might be lurking in the chilly bin. I found a package of pork chops which I don't remember buying recently, which meant it was [...]

My school lunch menu, my culinary heritage

I'm in a strange mood today, completely overwhelmed by nostalgia. I blame it on Classmates.com which sent me an email this morning to alert me someone had signed my guestbook. I rarely use the site but [...]

Tuesday Night Tarragon Bean Mash

My vegetable supply is dwindling down in anticipation of my Friday product delivery so I didn't have much to work with tonight. I wanted something healthy and without much salt, but packed with flavor. After a [...]

Banana and Orange Muffins

Last month, I entered the Taste & Create food blog event which pairs two food bloggers who must each make a recipe from the other's site. Unfortunately, my partner didn't follow through so it was a [...]

Almond Crescent Cookies Recipe

It feels like years since I've blogged or even read a blog ... in reality it's been just over a week. My work-life collided with real-life and I had to put writing on hold. We rarely [...]

Empanadas with Beef Picadillo

Last night, dinner wasn't planned and in all honesty I anticipated reheating leftover pasta. As I finished up my work day, a StumbleUpon friend from Uruguay twittered that he had just eaten spicy empanadas. My stomach [...]


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