May 2008

Book Review: Burgers – 52 Easy Recipes for Year-Round Cooking

Summer grilling will soon be upon us, so I was excited to receive this cookbook for review. I love a good burger and enjoy interesting ideas on how to mix up the flavors to make unique, [...]

Figure-Friendly Rhubarb Crisp

I've held off on baking for a few weeks now and couldn't resist the urge last night. Although a luscious cake sounded good, I knew something using fruit would be a better choice so I made [...]

Foggy day at the beach

No cooking today ... Taking a break from our hot kitchen and visiting Ocean Beach in San Francisco.

Healthy spring rolls with peanut sauce

I always forget how much I enjoy these easy to make spring rolls. The last time we made them was for a party at our house, everyone loved them. I came across a partial package of [...]

Citrus Quinoa with Roasted Vegetables

I've been meaning to cook with quinoa for quite some time. I bought a small amount of it in the bulk bin at Whole Foods a few weeks ago and hadn't gotten around to trying it [...]

Strawberry Beet Green Salad with Roasted Tofu

Thank you to everyone for your recent kind words of support! I've been a mopey and grumpy person since learning of my high cholesterol and am starting to snap out of it. Today's weekly produce delivery [...]


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