June 2008

Recipes Made BY YOU!

I've been meaning to post this for awhile and somehow it got buried in my blogger account. I'm flattered to think that people read my blog and appreciate the comments and emails I receive. Every now [...]

Whole Wheat Basil-Nut Couscous

Not only am I excited to be using couscous, I am excited that it comes in a whole wheat version. I continue to search for new and interesting high-fiber starches to add to our meals. I [...]

My ‘Creamy Green Monster’ Soup

What happens when you cook up a bunch of leafy greens and peas? Well, I'm calling it my creamy green monster, a quick and delicious soup. It's flavorful, packed with healthy ingredients, and super filling. This [...]

Buckwheat Sesame Noodles

Sesame noodles are one of my favorite quick meals, from beginning to end you can have them on the table in about 15 minutes. Coated in a creamy and sesame-nutty sauce, I've reduced the fat, used [...]

Tandoori Chicken & My Smoky Kitchen

MMmmmm, spicy tandoori chicken is one of my favorite Indian foods. It's simple to prepare and can be cooked without a tandoori oven. And although it's traditionally made with bone-in chicken parts, I decided to use [...]

A Spicy Radish Sandwich

My uncle loves radish sandwiches, slices of crisp radish on butter-slathered bread. It's one of those memories from childhood which is burned in my memory. I never understood the appeal of radishes and only nibble on [...]


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