Meat Brine Recipe

This recipe is one that I will likely never try. I confirmed with my mother that this is the method by which my family would preserve meat for storage (prior to refrigeration). The raw meat is covered in a salt brine then stored in a cool basement or cellar in large crocks. This brine can also be used to cure hams before they are smoked.

Meat Brine
6 gallons water
2 lbs. white sugar
2 oz. salt peter

Boil and skim off any residue that forms. Add 10 lbs. of salt (for 100 lbs. of meat). Allow the mixture to cool, then pour over raw meat in crocks.

It’s noted on the card that, “I use 6 lbs. of salt, plenty strong”. It’s also noted that if it gets ropy or if mold forms, then skim off the residue, remove the brine and boil again, skimming off any residue that forms while cooking. The brine should be allowed to cool again before pouring over the meat.

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