Smearcase Cheese Spread Recipe

I’ve heard of smearcase before but I cannot remember where or in what circumstance. Likely, my mother reminisced about it at some point. Smearcase is a soft cheese usually eaten with a spoon or on crackers and is sometimes used to refer to cottage cheese. The term smearcase is based on the German word schmierkase which translates as ‘smear cheese’, schmier (smear) kase (cheese).

My mother made similar cheese spreads to this and I adored them. I’ve always been a fan of dairy products, so a spreadable cheese is a good thing in my book!

Smearcase Cheese
1 or 2 packages cream cheese
melted butter
1 10 cent can of stuffed olives, chopped fine
cayenne to suit taste
salt and pepper to taste
grated onion to season highly

The amounts of ingredients are not exact and in some cases, not even provided. This recipe is largely based on taste and what you like. Love olives? Add a 1/2 cup. Love spice? Add a good pinch of cayenne.

Mix all together and put in a large bowl or cup to set in cold water or cold place to stand and set firm and cold. Basically, refrigerate the bowl of cheese until firm. She also states, “Fancy molds may be used”.

The note at the bottom of the recipe cards mentioned that it may take up to 2 hours to set. I suspect that it wouldn’t take nearly this long using a modern refrigerator. She notes to serve with crackers and coffee.

The recipe reminds me of a cheese spread my mother made that was so incredibly good. The base is also cream cheese, but also contained grated cheddar, pimento, and a bit of worcestershire sauce. I’m not sure what else went into my mother’s but it was good enough to eat with a spoon (or on crackers). Hmm, I’ll have to see if I can dig up that recipe for my other blog.

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