January 2009

Persimmon Cake Recipe

I hate persimmons.  At least, I think I do.  We have a huge persimmon tree in our backyard and each year I try one and each year I dislike it.  The permissions are plump and a [...]

Soy Sauce Burgers Recipe

When looking through my latest set of recipes that I purchased from Oklahoma, I noticed many vegetarian recipes.  My assumption is that somewhere around the 1970's the author took an interest in the vegetarian lifestyle, possibly [...]

Mock Pecan Pie Recipe

Another 'mock' recipe - this one would be useful for me because I never seem to have nuts on hand when wanting to bake.  And since nuts can be quite expensive, this faux pecan pie is [...]

Hush Puppies Recipe

Hush puppies are a classic southern food here in the United States.  Small balls of cornmeal dough fried until golden and crisp, while tender on the inside.  My favorite hush puppy recipes use a bit of [...]

Pinto Bean Soup Recipe

This recipe caught my attention for so many reasons.  First, I love bean soup.  My mother always made it and I didn't always appreciate it when I was young.  As I became older, the flavor and [...]

Strawberry Custard Pie Recipe

Strawberry pie reminds me of hours spent hunched over picking strawberries from our extremely abundant strawberry patch.  Our strawberry patch consisted of two or three long rows, about 2 feet wide by 25 foot long.  It [...]

Velveeta Cheese Strata Recipe

I almost overlooked this newspaper clipping from my recently purchased Rhode Island recipe box. It slid to the bottom and it was only during my second time going through the box that I noticed it hiding, [...]


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