Recipe Roundup: Making History Event #1

During the month of October, I challenged readers to try making an old recipe and sharing their results.  I’m happy to report that a few brave souls stepped up to the plate and made a delicious selection of recipes for this first ‘Making History’ event!

Below you will find a brief summary of each entry along with a photo of the recipe and the finished product.  You’ll find more photos and information about each recipe on the corresponding blogs.

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Blog: Accountant By Day
Entry: Mexican Fruit Cake
Location: Kansas City, KS

Melissa made Mexican Fruit Cake one of her grandmother’s favorite cake recipes.  It’s a pineapple cake with cream cheese frosting – what’s not to love?  Melissa researched the recipe to track down the origin and found Michigan to have the most references.  I must confess that I was born and raised in Michigan and I’ve seen this cake before but I think we just called it by a much less sophisticated name, simply ‘crushed pineapple cake’.

Blog: No Special Effects
Entry: Macaroons
Location: Philippines

Mark entered a recipe for deliciously sweet Macaroons which he found in his cousin’s journal of recipes from a youth cooking class.  Mark also shares his own roots in cooking and I was interested to learn we both were exposed to Caprial.

Blog: Just Get Floury
Entry: Depression Cake (aka Fruitcake Bars)
Location: Chicago, IL / North Carolina

Ginny’s mother is actually the one who shared her recipe for Depression Cake (aka Fruitcake Bars).  She explains that the cake received its name from the fact that it doesn’t contain butter or eggs which were scarce during the 1930s depression.  Even without these vital ingredients, the recipe is so good that it continues to be made in the same manner.

Blog: North Fork Foodie (Wannabe)
Entry: Strussell Cake
Location: North Fork Long Island

Lisa shares a beautiful looking Strussell Cake – yum!  When Lisa’s mother first married in 1973 she wrote down all of *her* mother’s recipes to take with her.

Blog: Diet, Dessert and Dogs
Entry: Holiday Apple Bundt Cake
Location: Toronto, ON

Ricki shares her updated version of her favorite childhood cake, Holiday Apple Bundt Cake.  Unable to find her mother’s tried and true recipe, Ricki set to work a few years ago and successfully ‘recreated’ history :-)  Ricki’s version looks absolutely stellar and is super healthy to boot.  Finally, a no-guilt cake!

Blog: The Papillon Pantry
Entry: Compound Salad
Location: Switzerland

Kriel shares her experience in cooking medieval and renaissance food by sharing a Compound Salad recipe dating from 1615.

Blog: Eating Out Loud
Entry: Pinto Bean Soup
Location: San Jose, CA

I decided to make the Pinto Bean Soup recipe that I had posted to Recovered Recipes some time ago.  I was intrigued by both the decorative look of the recipe card as well as for the bean soup itself.  The recipe turned out to be pretty fantastic.

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