March 2009

Mahjong Snacks: Savory Chive Gougeres

Last night, we headed over to our friends place to play mahjong. It's been years since I've seen a mahjong tile and I wasn't sure how I would do. I considered making some snacks to take [...]

Beware of WordPress Hacking!

While food bloggers enjoy complimenting one another on the quality of their food porn, it's a terrible surprise to find links to actual porn secretly embedded in your blog. Yes, this is a true story. It [...]

Vintage Recipe Boxes & French Puffs Recipe

A few years ago, I purchased these 3 vintage recipe boxes from eBay and I've been eager to buy more. I recently moved in to a small, downtown condo and have little room to collect anything. [...]

Persian Date Cake (Ranginak) Recipe

This recipe inspired me so much this past week. I find the cake visually stunning, chewy dates stuffed with toasted walnuts then bathed in a burnt butter/flour mixture before topping with cinnamon, cardamom, and pistachios. And, [...]

What if we didn’t Twitter?

I find myself contemplating Twitter and whether it allows me the freedom to communicate with a large network or if it's actually turning me in to a couch potato hybrid. Many in the food blog community [...]

Dexo Sweetheart Cake Recipe

I enjoy looking at old recipes clipped from magazines and newspapers. There's something interesting about looking at the colors and design of the recipes, along with how the product is marketed. Yes, I'm a hopeless recipe [...]

Hi-Ho or Ritz Cracker Pie Recipe

Who wouldn't love a pie made with buttery Ritz crackers?  Depending on where you live, these small round crackers are made by two different brands, either Hi-Ho or Ritz.  They are lightly brown, round, and flaky [...]


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