April 2009

Dutch Baby Pancakes w/Eggs & Chorizo

Yesterday was not special. I worked. I blogged. I drank too much coffee. I ate too many shortbread cookies. I regretted not blogging more. I regretted drinking too much coffee. I hated myself for not buying [...]

Lemon Frozen Yogurt w/Blueberry Swirl Recipe

Spring is in full swing and the signs are all around. This past weekend, the climate seemed to suddenly transform from dormant to sun-filled within a matter of days. Trees burst into bloom and my formerly [...]

How To Make Homemade Yogurt

The wind whipped through the city last night. I only know this from the clanking sound made by the bathroom vent as the building slowly inhaled and exhaled, as though being resuscitated by the wind outside. [...]

Where is your feed content being republished?

After a long day of work (followed by plenty of cooking), I often find myself sitting in front of the computer once again to begin cropping photos and writing my next post. It's a never ending [...]

Piggy & Enchiladas Verdes

"They call me a pig? You should see the people eating the enchiladas!" --Elle of Elle's New England Kitchen Thank you to Elle for providing this photo with an appropriate (how did she know??) caption. Since [...]

Buttermilk Doughnuts Recipe

This recipe is a taste of home -- one whiff of the nutmeg and I'm instantly transported back to the farm. My mother made doughnuts a few times each year, usually around the holidays. She'd make [...]

How to trace what’s copied from your blog?

It's commonly known that people are copying content from our blogs. We typically think of thieves using our RSS feeds to pirate content for their own purposes. But, do you know how many people visit your [...]


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