May 2009

Food History Books & Resources

Learn more about the historical context of food and recipes through the following books. The American History CookbookBy Mark H. ZangerMore than 350 recipes, from the First Nations and early settlers up to the 1970s. Zanger [...]

Mock Salmon Roast Recipe

A perfect meal for vegetarians, this 'mock' salmon recipe creates texture and flavor by combining grated carrots, cooked rice, and onion. It's seasoned with peanut butter and sage, an intriguing combination. Personally, I'm not a huge [...]

Apricot-Cherry Upside-Down Cake Recipe

We arrived at the food blog conference on Sunday to find a long table loaded with sugar-topped scones, breakfast breads, and freshly-made plump sausages. I scanned the table for the most intriguing bits and found myself [...]

‘Simply Steamy’ Seattle

My fingers are back once again, clicking furiously away at the keyboard as if possessed, eager to give a brief re-cap of my experience at the International Food Blog Conference. While I'm sure many of you [...]

BC Spot Prawns

Crustaceans are creepy. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy eating them but do not like looking at them, especially when still alive. Place a 2lb bag of live prawns in my hand and watch me dance [...]

Morel Mushroom Hunting

This past week found me suddenly traveling across the country to visit my childhood home in Michigan in order to care for my mother. On my first morning there, the air was warm and the sun [...]

When Hearts Attack

"Family Farm" - Michigan (circa late 1990s) I am a strange mix of emotions and likely shouldn't be at the computer. Although I've never drunk-dialed anyone (that I can remember), the outpouring of emotions I'm likely [...]


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