Chocolate Fudge Candy

Fudge is a decadent treat which I love. At the holidays is when my mother always made it, sometimes layering peanut butter fudge and chocolate fudge together. It makes my teeth tingle just thinking about it.

The following recipe uses few ingredients, unlike most recipes I’ve seen. As the name ‘candy’ implies, I suspect this isn’t a traditional fudge but instead a chocolate treat infused with nuts and dried fruit.

Elizabeth’s Chocolate Fudge Candy
1 can Challenge milk
2 pkgs. chocolate chips melted
Nuts, raisins or peanuts
2 tablespoons marshmallows

Beat together the milk and melted chocolate until creamy. Add nuts, raisins or peanuts. Beat in 2 tablespoons marshmallows.

Recipe Notes:
There are quite a few issues with this recipe but regardless, it’s chocolate. It won’t taste bad.

I assume the can of milk is likely evaporated milk. The packages of chocolate chips are likely small 6 ounce packages (not our modern 16 ounce bags).

In order to beat in the marshmallows, I’m also assuming you’ll need to heat them so they are softened. When mixed, I would suggest pouring into a buttered pan and chilling until set. Cut into small squares.

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