August 2009

Blueberry Buckle: My Favorite Blueberry Recipe

Blueberry buckle is a stunning cake filled to capacity with plump, juicy blueberries. It's one of my favorite blueberry recipes, and more specifically, it's one of my favorite Martha Stewart recipes. It all started when Joe [...]

Dog Park Etiquette for New Pet Owners

Most dogs enjoy running and playing in off-leash parks but it remains the responsibility of the pet owner to ensure it's a safe and truly fun environment for everyone. From following the posted dog park rules [...]

Giveaway: Campbell’s Soup – M’mm M’mm Good!

I'm pleased to announce that in addition to my blogging I am spreading my wings and experimenting with freelance writing. Currently, I am a contributing writer with Vancouver-based and exploring other writing opportunities too. I [...]

Grape & Walnut Focaccia Recipe

Peter Reinhart is the man behind the book, The Bread Baker's Apprentice. He does not know me and I've never met him, so why did I constantly think about him while on vacation last month? Well, [...]

Happy Friday! Sahale Nuts & Rumtopf Update

Today is turning out to be a great Friday - my grape and walnut focaccia just came out of the oven and it smells amazing (more about it on Monday) and I received samples in the [...]

Super Sesame Cookies

Ever make hummus and then wonder what to do with the remaining jar of tahini? I've been experimenting and discovered it makes a surprisingly good cookie. These little biscuits are buttery sweet and infused with both [...]

Grab-n-Go Coffee Cake

Coffee cake is pure marketing brilliance. Let's face it, it's cake. But simply by calling it 'coffee cake' it's transformed from a dessert into an acceptable breakfast, at least in my mother's household. I'm not complaining [...]


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