November 2009

Betty Crocker Ginger Creams Vintage Ad

In addition to my fascination with vintage recipes, I am also intrigued by vintage advertisements for the interesting artwork and the glimpse into history the ads give us.This vintage ad is from Betty Crocker during WWII [...]

Green Apple Pie Filling Recipe

I've never had a green apple pie but I'm sure it's tart and delicious. This green apple pie recipe is for the filling only and will make one green apple pie.I'd be tempted season this up [...]

Chewy Cranberry Date Cookies

I have a weakness for dates and I'm not sure why. My mother made a few things with dates but it was never a star ingredient. I always assume my body has some vitamin deficiency which [...]

Noodle & Cottage Cheese Scallop Recipe

This casserole recipe reminds me of a dish my mother would make when I was quite young. I enjoy savory casseroles and am eager to give this noodle and cottage cheese scallop recipe a try soon.Noodle [...]

Easy & Quick Pesto Palmier Appetizers

If you're looking for a quick and delicious appetizer, then pesto palmiers might just be the recipe you need. And, these snacks are also time savers since they can be prepared well in advance, then frozen [...]

Cooking with 7-Up Vintage Ad

You may not think of 7-Up as a cooking ingredient but the citrusy soda has marketed itself as useful in the kitchen. More than just a drink? This vintage advertisement shows how 7-Up can replace liquids [...]

Singaporean Sweet Pork Jerky

Last week, a friend visiting from Singapore brought us a gift of pork jerky from one of the best jerky stores. I knew nothing of Singapore jerky and wasn't expecting to be excited by it. OH [...]


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