April 2010

Sesame Broccoli Salad Recipe

This past week of school turned out to be much more mellow than expected. I had most of my nights free from studying so I was able to spend some much-needed time in the kitchen. When [...]

To All the Kitchen Tools I’ve Loved …

Spring cleaning is coming soon to my household and I am prepared to make the tough decisions it requires. I willingly discard clothing but have a more difficult time letting go of kitchen objects, even if [...]

Addictive Raincoast Crisps

I am a crunchy snack fanatic so when I discovered Lesley Stowe's Raincoast Crisps, I was in couch potato heaven. Don't let the brown colored slices of dried bread fool you -- they taste delicious and [...]

I miss you, Goober Grape!

Moving to Canada from the United States brought with it a sobering reality ... not all of my favorite products are sold north of the border. Prime example -- Goober Grape. What's a guy to do? [...]

Vintage Soda Pop from Boylan Bottling Co.

I had forgotten about Boylan soda and just stumbled upon it while spending too much time (and money) on Amazon. A few years ago, I had ordered a case of this soda after seeing it's pure [...]


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