Beginner Ribbed Crochet Hat Pattern (Men’s / Unisex)

I grew up with this crochet hat on my head most winters (and it usually had one of those big pom-pom balls dangling at the top). My mother made them for us when we were kids and now crochets them for donation to needy families in her community.

Since our weather recently turned cold and rainy, I’m now digging out my yarn stash to begin crocheting. This particular yarn went on clearance last fall around the holidays, so I stocked up in order to make hats for the homeless this winter. One hat done and a huge bag full of yarn to go!

The crochet hat pattern is simple and perfect for a beginner crocheter. You’ll only need to know how to chain and make a single crochet stitch and how to crochet in the back loop of a stitch (see video tutorial at end of this post). The ribbed effect comes from crocheting each row in the back loop of each crochet stitch. Also, the hat will be wider at the bottom and gently taper toward the top as you’ll see outlined in the instructions below.

The result is a warm hat that is dense due to the single crochet, yet stretchy and comfortable to wear.

Ribbed Crochet Hat Pattern – Men’s / Unisex

4 ounces yarn (medium worsted weight yarn)
H (5mm) crochet hook

Row 1: chain 45

Row 2: SC (single crochet) in the back loop of each chain for the next 40 chains until only 5 chains remain. The last five stitches will be skipped every fourth row, beginning with this row. Chain 1, turn. (note: skipping these stitches creates the tapered top portion of the hat)

Row 3: SC in the back loop of each chain until the end of the row. Chain 1, turn.

Row 4: SC in the back loop of each chain to the end of the row (including each of the five chains that were previously skipped. Chain 1, turn.

Row 5: SC in the back loop of each chain until the end of the row. Chain 1, turn.

Repeat rows 2 – 5 until desired length (about 17-20″ for an adult hat) is attained.

Using a yarn needle, sew the hat seam closed beginning at the wider end so that you end at what will be the top of the hat. Run the needle around the top opening in the hat and draw closed, then knot, snip yarn with a 3″ length and weave into surrounding stitches.

Crochet Back Loop Only (blo) Tutorial

For instructions on how to crochet in the back loop only, see this helpful video from Art of Crochet by Teresa:

I’m often asked about the crochet hooks that I use. I don’t use anything fancy and prefer using aluminum crochet hooks (see Boye brand hooks below), which is what my mom and great-grandmother always used. They are easy to grip, and I like the way yarn glides easily over the smooth, metal surface of the hook.

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