Appetizers & Snacks

Simple & Savory Watermelon Salad

A couple months ago we went to a friend's house for a lazy Sunday morning brunch and I had the most wonderful watermelon salad. I've since seen quite a few variations on it but I think [...]

Healthy spring rolls with peanut sauce

I always forget how much I enjoy these easy to make spring rolls. The last time we made them was for a party at our house, everyone loved them. I came across a partial package of [...]

Empanadas with Beef Picadillo

Last night, dinner wasn't planned and in all honesty I anticipated reheating leftover pasta. As I finished up my work day, a StumbleUpon friend from Uruguay twittered that he had just eaten spicy empanadas. My stomach [...]

How to make Paneer, a fresh farmer’s cheese

Making cheese is one of those things I've always wanted to try. As a baby step, I figured it might be best to start with a simple fresh cheese easily made from common ingredients and without [...]

Farida’s potato or meat pies, aka Pirojki!

Many of us read food blogs every day and when we come across an interesting recipe or idea we bookmark for our 'to-do' list. Sometimes, we see something so delicious and intriguing that it bypasses bookmarking, [...]

Curry Kettle Corn — Spicy, Sweet & Salty

Seductively spicy, my curried kettle corn creation (lovely alliteration) started earlier in the week when I made an afternoon popcorn snack. The snack coincided with my recent fascination with Anjum Anand and Indian cookery. I wondered [...]

Chewy and sweet red bean mochi

My pantry holds the goods for many recipes I hope to make, some get made while others do not. I bought a box of mochiko (sweet rice flour) and azuki beans (dried red beans) with the [...]

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