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Banana and Orange Muffins

Last month, I entered the Taste & Create food blog event which pairs two food bloggers who must each make a recipe from the other's site. Unfortunately, my partner didn't follow through so it was a [...]

Freshly made bagels, chewy and delicious!

I'm slowly waking up this morning, my faithful mug filled with wonderfully black coffee, piping hot. It's rainy and overcast and I'm watching my neighbors tiptoeing outside to pick up their soggy newspaper. The house is [...]

Naan Bread Two Ways: Green Onion & Sesame

One of favorite Indian foods has to be the naan. A flat, chewy teardrop shaped bread used to scoop up meat and stewed dishes. I watched Anjum make naan and realized that it's fairly simple to [...]

Gooey Maple-Nut Bars Recipe

Our Easter weekend came and went without a single bunny or chocolate egg. It's the one holiday that we don't get into very much, other than to enjoy a big dinner. This year we were out [...]

Chocolate-marbled banana bread

We all seem to have that one renegade banana sitting on the counter turning a spotted brown color. Why is it that no one can commit to eating the last one? I peel the overripe bananas [...]

Ciabatta catastrophe – how do you measure up?

Don't let the photo fool you, the bread turned out rather disgusting, both in taste and texture. I guess I'm on a ciabatta roller coaster having great success recently, now followed by a ciabatta disaster. I [...]

Blond Ambition Cookies Recipe

Today I decided to make these blond cookies based on the old style chewy molasses cookies. It started with my curiousity for sweetened condensed milk and how it could be utilized in other ways (i.e. I've [...]

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