Baked Goods

Ciabatta Bread (in less than 5 hours)

I've been craving bread lately, nice thick slabs of chewy and crusty bread, good old European style bread. I've looked through my books and nothing sparked my interest. By dumb luck, I happened across a recipe [...]

Orange marmie muffins with cardamom pine nut streusel

The star ingredient for these muffins is my very own 'marmie' (orange marmalade). The muffins are light and sweet with ribbons of orange peel running throughout. They are topped with a pine nut and cardamom spiced [...]

Sweet polenta cake with caramelized apples & almonds

I am a horrible sucker for cheap cookbooks -- they lure me in with their big colorful photos and promise of a few good recipes. The books are not written by any particular expert, merely 'edited [...]

Not a single nook or cranny!

Do you know what these delightful dough pillows are supposed to be? They are an early morning attempt at making my very own english muffins. I felt inspired after seeing Foodbeam's beautiful muffins, but I didn't [...]

Orange Sour Cream Cake w/Orange Icing

My favorite use of oranges so far -- a rich and moist orange cake drizzled with a sweet orange icing. It was the perfect end to our dinner party last night. I've used this recipe to [...]

Shortbread Cookies – The Best Recipe

original post updated 6/4/09 Shortbread cookies are a sinful, indulgent obsession of mine. Buttery and flaky, crisp and crumbly are the best. I've tried many recipes and finally settled on the one below. I received it [...]

Cocktail Buns Recipe, Gai Mei Bao

Happy Valentine's Day! Another Valentine's Day is upon us -- I didn't really know what to do this year for Joe. I made him a card and decided to replicate one of his favorite Chinese baked [...]

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