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Traditional Shortbread Cookies Recipe

Hindsight is an amazing thing -- your past mistakes and fits of stupidity are so easy to see in retrospect. I received an amazing gift while in college from my best friend's sister, Tita. Tita works [...]

Cherry Clafouti, a Delicious Custard Cake

Slightly sweet and dense, cherry clafouti satisfied my sweet tooth this weekend. Clafouti is a french dessert with a custard-like base and fruit, most commonly cherries. The cake batter itself reminds me of crepes or pancakes, [...]

Nigella’s Breakfast Bars Recipe

Well, just a day after praising Nigella, I'm a bit let down by her Breakfast Bars (p.94, Nigella Express). Granted, she leaves the recipe customizable and I customized just a tad, but they just didn't compare [...]

Big Sur Power Bars Recipe

I'm still feeling a little under the weather but decided to make Heidi's Big Sur Power Bars to hopefully give myself a boost of much needed energy. We ran errands today and did some light shopping [...]

Zucchini & Meyer Lemon Muffins Recipe

Part inspiration, part guilt (for not using my meyer lemons) -- these muffins are a new spin on my mother's zucchini bread recipe. I'm not sure why I haven't taken the meyer lemon seriously, there have [...]

Baked Doughnuts Recipe

Doughnuts are sinfully good, especially when deep-fried and fresh from the oil! My mother made the best cake doughnuts, full of nutmeg with crispy edges as they puffed up while being fried. So, when I saw [...]

Leftover Holiday Candy Cake Recipe

With Christmas behind us for another year and Valentine's soon approaching, this might be a good time to break out a cake recipe that utilizes all those leftover or unwanted bits of candy. CandyRecapper is hosting [...]

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