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Payday Candy Bar Treats Recipe

I love the salty-sweet combination in a Payday candy bar. These bar treats are a quick and simple way to recreate the flavor combination at home. I'll warn you though ... it's hard to eat just [...]

Apple or Peach Pie Filling

I've had friends complain that making pies is just too complicated ... and I can't see how this is possible. Ok, assume that you skip making the pie pastry and opt for a pre-made version. It's [...]

Fresh Zucchini Bread Recipe

There's nothing better than a slice of mom's zucchini bread. It's one of those comforting foods for me and instantly takes me back to childhood. My mother's garden yielded an abundance of zucchini every summer, so [...]

Leftover Halloween Candy Cake Recipe

Halloween brings with it trick or treaters and an abundance of candy, from candy bars to chocolates. If you're looking for ideas to use of leftover candy or just want a delicious dessert, this leftover candy [...]

Pie Crust Pastry Recipe

I love my pie crust tender and flaky, with golden brown edges. My mother's recipe is simple and delightful, worth a try if you find your crust is to tough. Pie Crust (makes 3 crusts) 2 [...]

Walnut Banana Bread Recipe

I have many fond memories of my mother's banana bread. I've looked at other recipes and there isn't anything in particular that make this recipe unique, aside from the love and care that went into its [...]

Hazelnut-Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies Recipe

Traffic was horrible tonight on my commute home from work. My normal 2o minute drive took nearly an hour. Fortunately, I had plenty of time to think about making dinner and what I might make with [...]

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