Canning & Preservation

Summertime Spiced Tomato Jam Recipe

Tomato jam is a recent addiction of mine. We took a day trip up to Russian River in Guerneville California and I experienced a breakfast sandwich at a local diner that slathered the toasted bun with [...]

Coronation Grape Jelly Recipe

I didn't intend to make grape jelly yesterday but after seeing these beautifully plump Coronation grapes at the market, I couldn't resist. The grapes were grown locally and were also on sale so I just couldn't [...]

German Rumtopf (aka Rumpot)

We returned from vacation last week and I'm slowly returning to my daily routine. Last night, I successfully made dinner and this morning I made a pot of coffee. Our laundry is finally caught up and [...]

Cinnamon-Fig Jam Recipe

I am continuing my jam fetish with this cinnamon fig combination. Figs are still new to me and I'm learning what else I can do with them besides using in salads. When I received my latest [...]

Strawberry-Blueberry Freezer Jam

A few weeks ago I explored making and canning orange marmalade. This week I decided to use my surplus strawberries to make fresh jam. While I don't eat alot of jam or preserves, I figured a [...]

Raw-Pack Oranges Recipe

This picture represents my 'orange' journey. So far, you've seen candied orange peel (in the middle pint) and orange marmalade (the squat half-pint). Last night, I explored raw packing the oranges which is represented in the [...]

Orange Marmalade Recipe

This is my first successful batch of orange marmalade utilizing the oranges from our backyard. I tried using a recipe from Tyler Florence once upon a time and it failed miserably. Finally, success! The recipe makes [...]

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