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Apple or Peach Pie Filling

I've had friends complain that making pies is just too complicated ... and I can't see how this is possible. Ok, assume that you skip making the pie pastry and opt for a pre-made version. It's [...]

Fresh Zucchini Bread Recipe

There's nothing better than a slice of mom's zucchini bread. It's one of those comforting foods for me and instantly takes me back to childhood. My mother's garden yielded an abundance of zucchini every summer, so [...]

Cremini Mushroom & Rice Soup

There's nothing better than a hot bowl of soup on a cool Fall night. I made a simple mushroom and rice soup tonight that I based on one I recently had at a Japanese restaurant. You'll [...]

Fresh Orange Lollipops for Dessert

On Saturday night we decided to visit a recently discovered Izakaya restaurant near Japantown in San Jose. A few errands were on our list for the night, so we opted to grab an early dinner before [...]

Leftover Halloween Candy Cake Recipe

Halloween brings with it trick or treaters and an abundance of candy, from candy bars to chocolates. If you're looking for ideas to use of leftover candy or just want a delicious dessert, this leftover candy [...]

Tips for Using Leftover Halloween Candy

Happy Halloween! Time to put on your mask and go door-to-door for handfuls of devilish sweets. But, what will you do tomorrow when you have a sugary hangover and a big bowl of leftover candy? Here [...]

Baked Mushroom Chicken Recipe

The Food Fight results are being posted today and I haven't even posted my entry. The theme of the event is 'Mother's Favorite Dish' in anticipation of Mother's Day next weekend. When I contacted my mom, [...]

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