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Pie Crust Pastry Recipe

I love my pie crust tender and flaky, with golden brown edges. My mother's recipe is simple and delightful, worth a try if you find your crust is to tough. Pie Crust (makes 3 crusts) 2 [...]

How to Store Overripe Bananas for Baking

I often find that I end up with one or two bananas that never get eaten. They turn a lovely dark brown and become very tender, but contrary to some people ... the flavors are intensified [...]

Walnut Banana Bread Recipe

I have many fond memories of my mother's banana bread. I've looked at other recipes and there isn't anything in particular that make this recipe unique, aside from the love and care that went into its [...]

Basic Pita Chips Recipe

Pita chips are one of my favorite crunchy snacks, crisp and full of flavor. I've spent more money than I care to admit on buying them, so decided it was time to make them at home. [...]

Japanese Potato Korokke Recipe

I'm in love with this Japanese comfort food. I cannot resist an occasional (ok, maybe semi-regular) fried food, and korokke do not disappoint. A crispy exterior with a creamy potato and pork interior, slightly seasoned with [...]

Bacon Toffee Recipe

It's no secret that I enjoy a good piece of bacon. And, it's possible (just possible) that I seek to integrate bacon into more recipes than I should. But, how can you resist the smokey rich [...]

Monday Night Mango Milkshake

Monday's are always the worst day of the week ... you have to go back to work, ugh. To make the day a little less painful, I suggest a nice thick mango milkshake. We bought a [...]

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