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Vodka Sauce Recipe

This past year marked the first time we had our family Christmas dinner at a restaurant. Normally, we spend hours preparing the meal, but with two sets of parents visiting ... I opted to book a [...]

Heart Healthy Fava Bean Dip Recipe

Eating healthy doesn't sound sexy and I'm not sure why. You often hear complaints that healthy good doesn't taste as good or that it's not as filling. I beg to differ on both points and challenge [...]

How to Boil Eggs

I just received a call from my mom who was reading my blog today. She read about the Food Fight using eggs and wanted to quiz me on my egg knowledge. Do you know how to [...]

Tangy Spiced Eggplant Salad (recipe)

Native to southern India and Sri Lanka, the eggplant is closely related to the tomato and potato. Slightly bitter when raw, eggplants are known for having a slightly rich flavor when cooked. I didn't grow up [...]

Creating a Photo Recipe Journal

When I was little my favorite playtime activity was to sit on our dining room floor and rummage through my mom's cookbooks, flipping the pages slowly while I stared at the pictures. There was also a [...]

How to Make Oil & Vinegar Bottles

My quest started a year ago when I found myself using olive oil nearly every time I cooked. I kept the big bottle stored in the cupboard, but slowly became lazy until it sat on the [...]

Polenta Isn’t Just for Dinner

Have you ever tried polenta from the grocery store ... you've probably seen it in a sausage-like tube, glowing with an odd yellowish color and the subtle smell of vomit? It's disgusting and turned us off [...]

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