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Frozen Peppermint Cake Recipe

I'm doing a little spring cleaning on my site and noticed that I had this article in draft mode since last December. I wrote a holiday guest post last year for The Kitchn about my favorite [...]

Festive Deviled Eggs Appetizer Recipe

We visited my parents farm in Michigan for the week of Christmas and my mother made an insane amount of candy, snacks, and desserts. She made many family favorites and tried a few new recipes as [...]

‘Starbucks’ Maple Oat Scone Recipe

Starbucks maple oat scones were my morning bit of bliss for a couple years. When I worked at eBay we conveniently had a Starbucks located across the parking lot. I would buy my grande coffee and [...]

Easy Triple Chocolate Biscotti Recipe

Sometimes baking isn't a planned event but instead is brought about by a shopping experience. Just the other day I was at Whole Foods and found myself in the bakery section contemplating chocolate biscotti. I picked [...]

Potato & Meatball Soup Recipe

A warm, comforting hug served up in a bowl. Potato soup is a personal favorite and exemplifies Midwestern cuisine -- meat and potatoes. I make it the same as my mother with one exception, meatballs instead [...]

Banana Date Bread Recipe

After finding a bag of dates hiding out in the back of my fridge, I contemplated their fate this morning. Should I make them into a pie or cookies? Or, should I just eat them one [...]

15-Minute Savoury Squash Soup Recipe

It's hard to make the recipe sound sexy. Squash soup. It sounds boring but please don't rush to judgement. Squash soup is light and creamy, slightly sweet and savoury (well, at least it is in my [...]

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