Pasta and Noodles

Amazing Lasagna Bolognese Recipe!

The weather is turning cold and rainy, so my instinct to eat hearty foods is increasing. A few weekends ago, I craved a rich and meaty bolognese sauce. Granted, it's likely because I've been overdosing on [...]

‘Soy-Butt’ Potstickers: Crusty Bottoms Taste Good!

I haven't met a dumpling that I didn't like. Well, ok ... maybe a filling or two that I wasn't fond of but when you wrap anything in a thin layer of carbs, it just tastes [...]

Whole Wheat Basil-Nut Couscous

Not only am I excited to be using couscous, I am excited that it comes in a whole wheat version. I continue to search for new and interesting high-fiber starches to add to our meals. I [...]

Buckwheat Sesame Noodles

Sesame noodles are one of my favorite quick meals, from beginning to end you can have them on the table in about 15 minutes. Coated in a creamy and sesame-nutty sauce, I've reduced the fat, used [...]

Rigatoni, white beans and browned butter

Last night's dinner turned out phenomenally well, a creamy mix of rigatoni and white beans. The most amazing part was the sauce naturally created from the starchy pasta and beans combined with browned garlic butter. I [...]

Breakfast Spaetzle with Peppers and Scallions

I've been thinking about spaetzle ever since reading a post from Francois-Xavier at FXcuisine. He made an amazing apple spaetzle as a dessert - it looks so good. It made me think about a trip I [...]

Fregola Salad with Meyer Lemon Confit Recipe

It's such a crappy picture, but it tasted good. My camera woes will hopefully be behind me soon ... just waiting for a new lens to arrive next week. In the meantime, more mediocre pictures of [...]

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