Sides and Salads

Ginger & Pepper Romaine Stir-Fry

Don't underestimate your romaine lettuce. Sure, it makes for wonderful caesar salads, but did you realize it enjoys a bit of sizzle? Unlike other lettuces, romaine is quite tolerant of heat. Over the past few months, [...]

Purple Potato Gratin with Bacon Recipe

I can't help myself -- every time I think about purple potatoes, I instantly flash to the silly song Flying Purple People Eater. I can be childish, I admit it. We use to sing this song [...]

Fregola Salad with Meyer Lemon Confit Recipe

It's such a crappy picture, but it tasted good. My camera woes will hopefully be behind me soon ... just waiting for a new lens to arrive next week. In the meantime, more mediocre pictures of [...]

Roasted Potato Pockets

A quick and simple side dish, I prepared this last night to accompany my tri tip roast. I had two large potatoes that I was going to roast, but decided they were way too large for [...]

Japanese Potato Korokke Recipe

I'm in love with this Japanese comfort food. I cannot resist an occasional (ok, maybe semi-regular) fried food, and korokke do not disappoint. A crispy exterior with a creamy potato and pork interior, slightly seasoned with [...]

Asparagus Rice Salad Recipe

I mentioned last week the discovery of a social networking site for foodies called Group Recipes. Within the first day of signing up on the site, I was warmly greeted by dancegypsy67 from Wisconsin. This past [...]

Tangy Spiced Eggplant Salad (recipe)

Native to southern India and Sri Lanka, the eggplant is closely related to the tomato and potato. Slightly bitter when raw, eggplants are known for having a slightly rich flavor when cooked. I didn't grow up [...]

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