Vintage Recipe Cards

Pinto Bean Soup Recipe

This recipe caught my attention for so many reasons.  First, I love bean soup.  My mother always made it and I didn't always appreciate it when I was young.  As I became older, the flavor and [...]

Strawberry Custard Pie Recipe

Strawberry pie reminds me of hours spent hunched over picking strawberries from our extremely abundant strawberry patch.  Our strawberry patch consisted of two or three long rows, about 2 feet wide by 25 foot long.  It [...]

Velveeta Cheese Strata Recipe

I almost overlooked this newspaper clipping from my recently purchased Rhode Island recipe box. It slid to the bottom and it was only during my second time going through the box that I noticed it hiding, [...]

Brown Sugar Cookies Recipe

This recipe reminds me that I don't have a copy of my mother's brown sugar cookies.  My mother's cookies are soft and sweet with a faint taste of nutmeg, the tops sprinkled with a bit of [...]

Potato Candy Recipe

I don't normally think of candy when I think of potatoes but here are two recipes which show it can be done. The origin of the candy is unclear to me but I immediately think it [...]

Betty Crocker Meatball Pancakes Recipe

Straight from the kitchen of Betty Crocker comes this recipe for meatball pancakes. Somehow, the thought of combining meatballs and pancakes seems odd and quite wrong. But after reading through the recipe, it doesn't sound as [...]

Mock Cherry Pie Recipe

Whenever I see the word 'mock' in the title of a recipe, I start to feel uneasy.  I am never quite sure of what substitution is going to be made or why.  My mother used to [...]

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