Vintage Recipe Cards

Lemon Sponge Pie Recipe

This lemon sponge pie, also known as lemon cake pie, is attributed to the Pennsylvania Dutch and is often not found outside of Pennsylvania.  From what I've read, the pie is baked slowly and the filling [...]

Smearcase Cheese Spread Recipe

I've heard of smearcase before but I cannot remember where or in what circumstance. Likely, my mother reminisced about it at some point. Smearcase is a soft cheese usually eaten with a spoon or on crackers [...]

Depression-Era Cheese Souffle Recipe

I consider the following recipe to be an interesting find. Not so much for the recipe, but instead for the card on which it is written. The images below show the front and back of the [...]

Pineapple Pie Recipe

I love pie. Plain and simple, pie is one of my childhood favorite foods and it remains my all-time favorite dessert (and also my favorite breakfast!). There's nothing better that diving into a wedge-shaped slab of [...]

English Monkey Recipe

Imagine my surprise when I found a recipe with 'monkey' in the title.  Sure, I've heard of monkey bread but never English Monkey.  To my relief, I discovered the recipe did not contain any actual monkeys [...]

Dark Secrets (Date-Walnut Squares) Recipe

The recipe title made me raise my eyebrows, what dark secrets was this author hiding? The newspaper clipping is from the The Rhode Islander newspaper and was in a recipe box originally purchased at an estate [...]

Just Recovered: Estate Purchase Rhode Island

This is my first (and likely not my last) purchase of a recipe collection I found on eBay. I am discovering how intrigued I am by old recipes, the recipe cards or clippings that contain them, [...]

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