Vintage Recipe Cards

Cheese Cookies Vintage Recipe Card

Today's handwritten recipe card features cheese and butter, two of my favorite things. Although called cheese cookies, the vintage recipe is essentially a savory shortbread flavored with cheese and is given a kick with a bit [...]

Two Cakes for Hungry Cowboys: Vintage Recipes

So, what exactly to hungry cowboys like to eat when they come in from herding cattle? If this newspaper clipping is to be believed, they like cake! And since the recipe clipping only contains two recipes, [...]

Snow Capped Pineapple Pie Vintage Recipe Card

With such an intriguing title, I'm sure this vintage pie could turn out to be delicious. Pineapple is the star ingredient and it's used to create a custard-like, creamy filling. The pie filling is first cooked [...]

Coffee Tapioca Pudding Vintage Recipe Card

If you're like me, then you likely have leftover coffee from time to time. I sometimes reheat it in the microwave which isn't all that great. However, using your leftover coffee in this tapioca pudding dessert [...]

Italian Cream Dessert Vintage Recipe Card

When I first saw this recipe card, I thought that it was for some sort of beverage. I figured it was a cream soda concoction which I don't particularly care for. However, after reading through the [...]

Date Squares Bar Cookie Vintage Recipe Card

Bar cookies are a quick to make treat with little or no fuss. There's something refreshing about pouring ingredients into one pan and throwing into the oven to bake. No forming individual cookies, no needing to [...]

Rice Cream Pudding Vintage Recipe Card

I've decided to simplify my blogging sites into one and recently merged all of my vintage recipes from to I will now post my vintage recipes here ... there's a large backlog to work [...]

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