Vintage Recipe Cards

Etta’s Banana Pie Recipe

I enjoy bananas in few dessert situations, but banana cream pie is one of my favorites. The following pie creates a base custard which is then used to cover the bananas in a pre-baked pie shell. [...]

Poorman’s Pudding Recipe

Popular during the depression due to the easily accessible ingredients in a trying time, poorman's pudding utilizes sour milk and meat drippings to form a deliciously flavorful dessert.I've not made a classic pudding before and need [...]

Aunt Bessie’s Cheese Crackers Recipe

"It's Aunt Bessie's recipe, and it's a yum yum!"Well, what more is there to say? It's clearly a good recipe based on this recommendation - and with the amounts of cheese, oleo, and nuts in the [...]

Peanut Butter Fluff (Fudge) Recipe

This is going to be a dumb question, but is this a fudge recipe? I think so.I must admit, the proportions seem way out of whack on this one. I've checked the recipe as written and [...]

Hot Pineapple Souffle Recipe

Although this is a souffle, it appears to be cooked entirely on the stove top, at least that's how the instructions appear to read (i.e. cook covered). It seems to make for a delicious, hot pudding [...]

Ma’s Raisin Sour Cream Pie Recipe

Front Back [see written note: 341 windows in both buildings] Which came first -- the recipe or the notation regarding the number of windows in the buildings? We will never know, but something about this piece [...]

Heavenly Rice Pudding Recipe

A delicious pudding made from rice and evaporated milk, whipped until stiffened and flavored with fruit. The recipe likely came from a Carnation milk recipe booklet or newspaper clipping. There's something intriguing about the illustration of [...]

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