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Food History Books & Resources

Learn more about the historical context of food and recipes through the following books. The American History CookbookBy Mark H. ZangerMore than 350 recipes, from the First Nations and early settlers up to the 1970s. Zanger [...]

Mock Salmon Roast Recipe

A perfect meal for vegetarians, this 'mock' salmon recipe creates texture and flavor by combining grated carrots, cooked rice, and onion. It's seasoned with peanut butter and sage, an intriguing combination. Personally, I'm not a huge [...]

Rhoda’s Sour Milk Doughnuts Recipe

Doughnuts are my weakness. I remember my mother's plump, nutmeg scented buttermilk cake doughnuts. Depending on how she rolled and cut them, some would turn out almost ball shaped. I can almost taste them now and [...]

Macaroons & Lady Fingers Pudding Recipe

The name of this recipe was enough to send shivers down my spine. How delicious does this sound? This dessert features lady fingers and macaroons smothered in a vanilla custard and topped with meringue. Easy to [...]

Coffee Souffle Recipe

I don't think I've ever eaten a souffle but I may need to overcome this deficiency. My recipe box is full of souffle recipes which must have been popular with the cook at that time.This souffle [...]

Caramel Candy Recipe

I love homemade caramels. My mother would make them around the holidays as a special treat. The key to a good caramel is cooking it just to the right temperature without going too far *and* remembering [...]

A Sunday Scripture Cake Recipe

How divine is this? At first, it puzzled me and then I figured it out. A scripture cake is a fun, bible learning way to make a cake. Each ingredient can be found in the bible [...]

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