Chocolate Pie Vintage Recipe Card

Chocolate pie is one of my favorite pies that my mother makes. It's thick, creamy and rich due to milk and eggs. However, this chocolate pie recipe surprised me by not containing either eggs or milk. [...]

Graham Cracker Custard Pie Vintage Recipe Card

When I think of graham cracker pies, I don't think of custard. I imagine fruit-filled pies in an unbaked crust, but with today's vintage recipe, this isn't the case. The following vintage recipe is a lightly [...]

Apple Impromptu Vintage Recipe

I'll be visiting Massachusetts and Rhode Island at the end of this week so it's timely to publish this Apple Impromptu vintage recipe as printed in The Rhode Islander. Although I'm uncertain of the exact publish [...]

Snow Capped Pineapple Pie Vintage Recipe Card

With such an intriguing title, I'm sure this vintage pie could turn out to be delicious. Pineapple is the star ingredient and it's used to create a custard-like, creamy filling. The pie filling is first cooked [...]

Date Pie Vintage Recipe Card

Dried fruits, like raisins and dates, were popular in the nineteenth and early twentieth century. The dried fruits kept well and lent plenty of sweetness to pies, cookies, and cakes. While still popular today, dates don't [...]

Green Apple Pie Filling Recipe

I've never had a green apple pie but I'm sure it's tart and delicious. This green apple pie recipe is for the filling only and will make one green apple pie.I'd be tempted season this up [...]

Etta’s Banana Pie Recipe

I enjoy bananas in few dessert situations, but banana cream pie is one of my favorites. The following pie creates a base custard which is then used to cover the bananas in a pre-baked pie shell. [...]

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